Engelke Homes LLC has earned a reputation in Charleston for doing quality restoration work on historic homes primarily in the upper peninsula area of downtown.  Most projects start from structures deemed by many  to be beyond saving but from these bones we have produced some of the finest homes in the area.  Originally materials such as standing seem metal roofs, heart pine flooring, original windows, original siding, plaster  and original moldings are carefully repaired and preserved during the process whenever possible.  When originally materials cannot be saved, we custom mill new material or hunt through architectural salvage yards to try and reproduce the original appearance of our homes.    Our attention to these details has resulted in 5 Carolopolis Awards from the Preservation Society in the past 3 years.In addition to historic detail we also have developed a reputation for our understanding of the structural elements of these historic homes.  To help ensure that our homes stand the test of time for future generations and to help provide a safe shelter for inhabitants, we  make significant structural upgrades wherever possible to help defend against future hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and fire which are not found in most homes restored by less experienced renovation companies.   Most of these structural upgrades will never be seen or understood by the homes occupants and hopefully will never have to be tested but if disaster should strike the occupants will be glad that we cared.  On numerous occasions we have even rested entire homes on completely new foundations to stabilize a shaky structure.  On almost every project, we either completely replace or significantly upgrade the homes electric, plumbing and HVAC systems for a virtually “headache free” homeownership experience that is rarely found in historic structures.   Insulation, weather stripping, foam and more efficient mechanical elements are installed in to our homes to reduce utility bills and contribute to a greener lifestyle.