Engelke Homes LLC Billing

All work performed for our customers is performed on a cost plus basis with an initial estimate given which we will not exceed without written change orders unless specificallyl exluded in estimate from a firm figure.  Email confirmation is acceptable.
Costs include all materials, subs, permits, and hourly laborers.
Costs DO NOT include project management, light equipment, vehicle expenses or office expenses

Cost for hourly workers are as follows:
General carpentry/ repair $30-40/ hr
Carpenters assistant $18-22/ hr
Painter $20-25/ hr
Unskilled Labor $15-17/ hr

Above workers costs include all workers comp, general liability and payroll expenses

Contractors fee (cost PLUS):
Jobs below $75,000: generally avoided
Jobs from $75,000 – $125000: cost plus 28%
Jobs from $125,000 to $250,000: cost plus 25%

Jobs over $250,000: cost plus 23%

All receipts and time logs are provided with bill for client to review
Uninsured subs may have additional add-ons for insurance billed through our company
Cost plus multipliers may deviate slightly depending on difficulty and type of work being performed
All work is warranted
Payment is due upon completion or in increments of $25,000 to 35,000

Dump trailer use will be billed at $85/ trip plus dump fees

First 10 hours with B.A.R. / zoning are included at no cost but additional hours are billed at $40/ hr.